Neurological physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy in Agra

Dr. Indolia Physio in Agra is a Neuro-rehabilitation clinic offering innovative and personalized treatments to patients who have experienced Parkinson’s disease, stroke, brain injuries, and additional neurological disorders. With our neuro physiotherapy services, we support our patients in the entire recovery process. Neurologic physiotherapy at our clinic is done with the latest devices and innovative technologies like movement sensors, brain stimulation, and wide-ranging reality games. We believe in giving evidence-based treatments that rely on neuroscience or on expert opinion. Neuro Physio Service is given by expert therapists and nurses who are trained to make use of the most modern scientific knowledge. Our patients are of the viewpoint that neuro physiotherapy near me is highly personalised and highly advanced systems are used to offer fruitful results. Contact us for neurological physiotherapy in Agra.