What Does Physio Do For Tennis Elbows?

What Does Physio do For Tennis Elbow?

When hearing its name, it is not unusual to relate the Tennis Elbow injury with tennis or racquet sports. Nonetheless, patients with this condition are rarely tennis or racquet sports players.

Lateral epicondylitis is another term for tennis elbow. When the tendons of the forearm are overstretched, this condition occurs. It is a common condition that physiotherapy can effectively address. However, not all tennis elbows are identical, and each must be evaluated and treated differently to guarantee success.

What Does Physio Do For Tennis Elbows?

A physical therapist can alleviate your tennis elbow’s excruciating pain with an effective treatment regimen. They intend to minimize the unpleasant inflammation in the region of your elbow. Therefore, they will assist you in progressively strengthening your wrist extensors.

Your physiotherapist will first do a comprehensive subjective evaluation better to comprehend your discomfort and its impact. Then, they will conduct an objective evaluation to determine which movements/activities cause or alleviate your pain. They will then establish a treatment plan with you that is personalized to your requirements and objectives.

Physiotherapists treat this condition using pain-relieving procedures such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, extending compressed nerves and muscles, dry needling, heat or cold therapy and taping.

Your physical therapist may also instruct you to modify your tennis swing or any other activity that aggravates your elbow pain. Physical therapy can also enhance blood flow to tendons, which do not ordinarily receive the same amount of blood and oxygen as muscles.

Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow

A physical examination and patient history are typically used to diagnose tennis elbow. Occasionally, x-rays are performed to rule out other potential causes of discomfort, such as arthritis. It is rarely essential to use other imaging modalities, such as MRI or ultrasound, to evaluate tendon deterioration.

Tennis elbows are also diagnosed without the use of imaging techniques. Your physician will probably ask you several questions concerning your pain, previous injuries, and activities that may have caused it; this information is usually sufficient to determine whether or not you have tennis elbow.

How Effective Is Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is more beneficial for treating tennis elbow issues than steroid injections or counseling alone. The results of a six-week course of physiotherapy indicate that patients see considerable improvements after three weeks, with at least 60% recovery after six weeks.

It has been demonstrated that physiotherapy is effective for both the short- and long-term management of tennis elbow.

The advantages of physical therapy for tennis elbow include the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Restores proper joint range of motion
  • Restores performance
  • Facilitates tissue repair
  • Restores normal muscle strength and motion patterns
  • Enhances muscular force
  • Normalizes cervical joint performance

What Kind of Physio Do do You Need to Treat a Tennis Elbow?

Physical therapists are qualified to treat various diseases and injuries due to their training and expertise. You might want to consider the best physiotherapist in Agra with extensive experience treating athletes and persons with musculoskeletal disorders—a therapist who is board-certified as a clinical specialist or has completed an orthopedics internship or fellowship.

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Recovery Take?

Tendons and ligaments heal more slowly than muscle tissue. They receive less oxygen than normal tissues due to their unique shape. This is because there are fewer blood arteries within the tissue.

Assuming the damage is not very severe, and the patient adheres to their physiotherapist’s instructions, the majority of individuals often experience pain alleviation within a few weeks. In most cases, the tendon recovers after six to twelve months, but you may experience relief much sooner. Nevertheless, tennis elbow might persist for up to two years in some situations, even if the prescribed treatment is adhered to.


To treat your particular case of tennis elbow, a qualified physiotherapist must determine the contributing factors and your current healing stage. Then, and only then, can they devise a treatment strategy that is certain to achieve your goal of a pain-free elbow.

At Physiotherapist in Agra can assist you in retraining your muscles for proper function. They understand the best effective therapy for tennis elbow and will guide you through the process.

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